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Residential Services

As a title company we play a key role in residential real estate transactions. We facilitate transfers of property titles between buyers and sellers, verify that a property title is legitimate, ensure no liens are on the property, and provide insurance to protect against title disputes or errors.

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Commercial Services

Commercial real estate transactions are complex, involving numerous parties, significant sums of money, and legal and regulatory requirements. In this complex environment, as a title company we play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

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Title Insurance

For a one-time premium paid during the closing process, the title insurer assumes responsibilities for all legal expenses to defend the title to your property if it’s ever challenged. If the defense is unsuccessful, you’re reimbursed for any reduction in the value of the land. For you, it’s a win-win proposition.

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Closing &

Closing & Escrow

As the closing and escrow agent, once both buyer and seller have met the conditions in the real estate contract, we will facilitate the sale or purchase of your home by acting as the impartial "stake-holder," or depository of documents and funds.

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